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"Entertaining" the thought of a speaker? Since 2003, I've done numerous presentations on Outer Banks history, maritime heritage, culture and social traditions to all sorts of gatherings from family reunions, RV travel clubs, and professional trade associations to church groups, social societies (love love the Red Hat girls!) and storytelling events such as Flags Over Hatteras, Hatteras Realty After Dark speaker series and Our State Magazine.



Meet "Cap'n Tine," my character based on Valentine Bragg, present when the pirate "Brethren of the Coast" gathered at Ocracoke during the first ten days of September 1718.

Here are a few of my PowerPoint presentations:


  • U.S. Lifesaving Service on the Outer Banks
  • U.S. Lighthouse Service on the Outer Banks
  • Hatteras Heroes, History and Mystery (several to choose from)
  • The Hatteras Six (Did you know that six of the greatest inventive minds of the 20th century were all on the Outer Banks at the same time?)
  • Outer Banks Architecture
  • John W. Rollinson: Hatterasman, Family Man, Confederate Outlaw

Meet "Cookie," my storytelling character based on the Creed's Hill lifesaving station's cook and his recounting of the wreck of the A.B. Goodman in 1884.

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